Meritor HVS (India) Limited
Product Information


India’s first locally manufactured low floor front steer bus axle with a deep drop beam to suit low and semi low floor Intra city bus and coach applications. Meritor FH946 with a load rating of 7.5 Tonnes is suitable for both air suspension & conventional mechanical suspension. It features ‘Easy Steer Bush’ for reduced steering effort with conventional knuckle for better serviceability and reduced maintenance. Unitized lubricated for life wheelend and 22.5” wheel size air disc brakes provide the best in consistent performance, reliability, performance and safety. With a 51° turn angle and 203 mm beam drop it provides the best solution for India’s growing Urban and Semi-Urban mass transportation needs. After proving its performance in advanced markets like North America and Europe the axle has now been completely localized in India with part validation to ensure price and performance advantage for the Indian market.