Meritor HVS (India) Limited
Product Information

MT36 610

The MT36 610 Hub reduction hypoid Tandem drive axle is designed for off highway operation for Vocational Cranes and Deep mining applications. With a load rating of up to 36 Tonnes the axle supports vehicles with GVW/GCW of up to 70/100 Tonnes respectively. The axle is available in wide number of ratios varying from 5.4-7.2 (Wheelend ratio 3.46).
Featuring a cast housing the axle offers unique benefits by the virtue of having a hub reduction. Increased ground clearance, improved life and high torque handling ability allow it to perform in conditions where a single reduction axle cannot. This axle is ideally suited for deep mining and off-highway applications and is available with an InterAxle Differential Lock (IAD) and Driver Controlled Differential Lock (DCDL) for tremendous off-roading capability.